Laura Jones Fabric Promo Mix

Leeds’ first lady Laura Jones with a new promotional mix for Fabric’s weblog. The interview with her is insightful and will give you a taste of what to expect from her in the coming months. I had know idea that Laura was “slowly going blind due to a rare genetic eye disorder” thus making the act of DJ into even more of a skilled art form. What a lady!

I only became aware of her music after Seth Troxler dropped her bomb of a track “Love In Me” last time he played at Mint, Leeds for Louche last May. I’ve been waiting for a mix since and Fabric have been kind enough to provide. She may be tiny but she packs a hell of a punch, here it is:

If you haven’t got an hour spare to listen to the mix, first of all have a word with yourself and then secondly check out these two tracks from her, Love In Me and Live A Little both huge hitters.

Loving everything from Laura Jones at the moment another proud Leeds export - really putting us on the map!

Update: Here is another set from Laura Jones last time she played at Back to Basics at Stinkys in Leeds.